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Royal Academy of Art, Den Haag, 2017-2021
Bachelor Degree in ArtScience

London College of Communication, University of the Arts London

Foundation Photography


2021 ‘(M)eet de Plastics’, Installation and performance, Graduation show at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
2021 ‘It’s Plastic Bitch!’, Exhibition, The Greyspace in the Middle, The Hague
2019 Rethinking Bauhaus Exhibition: ‘The Plasticene’ Installation and performance, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
2019 ArtScience Year Opening, performance/intervention, Strandlab, Almere
2019 ‘The Plasticene’ Bio-plastic installation and workshop, CASS Concert, KABK,The Hague
2019 ‘The smells and sounds of Activism – Scent DJing’, olfactory art and DJ Skills workshop, Activism Today Festival, Groningen
2019 ‘The Plasticene’ Installation and bio-plastic workshop, EcoArt Festival, Mono, Rotterdam
2019 ‘Patterns of Ebb and Flow’ Performance, Strandlab, Almere
2018 ‘Manifest’ Artist Residency, Moose Space, The Hague
2018 ‘Interaction Design Tomorrow’, Summer Academy, Tallinn
2018 ‘Operation Earnest Voice’ Part of Artist Jonas Lund’s Performance, Worm, Rotterdam
2017 Two Time based performances, performed at The John Byrne Award Exhibition, The Biscuit Factory, Edinburgh
2017 ‘Malaria Hysteria’, Collaborative film, Winner of the Youth Hub Filmmaking Competition at Edinburgh International Film Festival, Cineworld Edinburgh
2016 ‘Beyond Borders, Crossing Limits’ Multi-Disciplinary Artist Residency responding to Dementia in Derry, Northern Ireland
2016 ’Toilet Talk', Audio installation, Paradigm Exhibition of Electronic Arts, Summerhall, Edinburgh
2016 'Remake / Respond / Repeat', Installation, The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh
2015 Pancakes and Booze Exhibition, Studio Spaces E1, London
2014 ‘You and Me Being Sad is Trouble’ Photography, London College of Communication Foundation Art Show, London